Son Termens - Palmanyola, Mallorca 2017

personal draw
walk in closet
colorful bougainvillea
cactus garden
indoor Son Termens
indoor bar
kitchen styling
Son Termens - pool landscape
Son Termens including donkey
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S' estremera Vell Bunyola - Mallorca

S' estremera: how we started
S'estremera: how we started
first rendering
first rendering living room
first rendering kitchen
first rendering
S'estremera 2020
front porche
garden design - olive trees
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Infanta 38 - Mahon, Menorca

entrance hall
candle light dinner
chimney room
antique bible collection
entrance Infanta 38 - Mahon
Bathroom first floor
hallway first floor
trolley with spirits - Mahon, Menorca
entrance outside patio
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finally finished
indoor closet
good morning Menorca
kitchen Infanta 38, Mahon - Menorca
inside patio Infanta 38, Mahon - Menorca
roof top terrace
antique church bench - Andulacia
the beginning of Infanta 38, Mahon, Menorca
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first rendering kitchen